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Exceptional Turf Care

Since 1973 Town and Country has taken great pride in creating the most beautiful, thick, lush, green, durable lawns in and around the Charlottesville, Virginia area. It is more than just throwing down seed and fertilizer in the hopes that it grows. A proper nutrient management plan involving testing and amending the soil is the key to a healthy lawn, along with frequent aeration, attention to weeds, and overall diligence and care is required. Over the years, we have had many satisfied customers. There is a true science behind being able to create a quality turf grass and we believe we have it down. We have incorporated a more environmentally friendly method of turf care using organic fertilizers and compost, in addition to limiting the amount of chemicals needed for weed control.

“Thank you for the thorough evaluation of our needs to determine the best, educated path forward to a beautiful property.You instill confidence in us that the job will be done right and with the highest quality. You really listened.”